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Alliance for Healthy and Active Communities

The Alliance for Healthy and Active Communities (AHAC)is a group of community health advocates led by the Cook County Department of Public Health. We work to make healthy options easy, convenient and accessible to residents of suburban Cook County through skill building and advocacy. The goal is to make the healthy choice the default choice in suburban Cook County by successfully creating policy change, increasing public knowledge, creating a network and developing innovative solutions to complex problems. AHAC focuses on broad-based policies to address risk factors and social determinants that contribute to chronic disease. AHAC believes that a healthier environment can be achieved by:

  • Increasing accessibility & demand for safe,  healthy, affordable and convenient foods
  • Decreasing opportunities for excess caloric intake from unhealthy foods & beverages
  • Increasing availability or use of safe & convenient places to be physically active
  • Promoting access to preventive health services
  • Decreasing smoking rates
  • Decreasing exposure to second hand smoke
  • Preventing youth from starting to smoke

Why Join Us?

As a central body for health advocates within suburban Cook County, the Alliance provides networking and capacity building opportunities, including:

  • Networking opportunities that will enrich your agency efforts to create healthy, thriving communities.
  • Best practices, both existing and emerging, that help tackle the complex issues behind chronic disease.
  • Participation in the development of tools and resources that are on the cutting edge of chronic disease prevention.

Learn More and Get Involved

To get on our mailing list, please complete and submit the Community Database Update Form. For more information about AHAC please contact us at or call 708-633-8350.


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