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Youth Risk Behavioral Survey

The Suburban Cook County Youth Behavior Risk Survey (SCC YRBS) is a survey of students in grades 9 through 12 that assesses priority health risk behaviors, including:

  1. Behaviors that result in unintentional injuries and violence
  2. Tobacco use
  3. Alcohol and other drug use
  4. Sexual behaviors that could contribute to sexually transmitted diseases, and unintended pregnancies
  5. Dietary behaviors
  6. Physical activity

The YRBS was designed in cooperation with federal agencies and numerous state and local departments of education and health and is conducted at the national and state level. Cook is the largest county in Illinois with over 5 million residents with half of its population residing in the suburbs outside of Chicago. It is imperative to understand health risk among youth in the 125 suburban municipalities that comprise CCDPH’s jurisdiction.

The last time a local YRBS was conducted in Suburban Cook County (SCC) was 2010. The data collected will be used to describe the extent to which youth are engaging in risky behaviors. It will also be used to monitor and address issues related to adolescent and school health, assess the effects of health policies and practices, plan and monitor programs, support health-related policies and legislation with evidence-based data. The data collected will be shared on this website to help our community partners, stakeholders, and policymakers understand the current health needs of our youth in order to address them adequately.

Info for Participating Suburban Cook County Schools

If your school has been asked to participate in the SCC YRBS and you have questions, please contact the survey administrator at 877-808-5881.


Learn more

  • For a brief summary of the survey, click here.
  • For survey information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, click here.
  • To view past SCC survey results, click here.

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