16. Free and Low-Cost IPV Education and Awareness Materials

To promote IPV awareness with patients, CCDPH recommends SCC hospitals display IPV brochures, posters and safety/shoe cards in restrooms, waiting rooms and examination rooms. Posting a variety of information about IPV makes a statement that hospital personnel are approachable and prepared to discuss IPV with patients and that IPV is considered a health issue.


  • Fathering After Violence
  • Coaching Boys to Men
  • LGTB: Contrary to Popular Belief
  • When You Bring Your New Baby Home
  • When Mom Gets Abused Her Children Suffer Too
  • Feeling Alone? Don’t Know Who to Talk To
  • Nobody Deserves to be Abused
  • Are You Tired of Making Excuses for Him?

Free posters can be ordered from Futures Without Violence for $5 shipping. Click here to order. 


The Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) provides brochures and informational booklets on intimate partner violence, including:

  • Illinois Domestic Violence Act”
  • Handbook for Domestic Violence Victims” (in English, Polish and Korean)

Click here to order free and low-cost IPV materials.

Health Saftey Cards for Patients:

  • Reproductive Health Safety Card (click here
  • Patient Safety Card for Women (click here
  • Home Visitation Safety Cards (click here
  • Hanging Out or Hooking Up Safety Card for Teens (click here
  • Loving Parents, Loving Kids Safety Card (click here) 

Click here to view all available safety cards offered by FVPF.


Is Someone Hurting You? You can talk to me about it, buttons are designed for medical providers and available here.