Intimate Partner Violence Toolkit

Intimate Partner Violence Toolkit For Suburban Cook County
Hospital Healthcare Providers and Administrators

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Toolkit Overview

The purpose of this Toolkit is to provide healthcare providers and hospital administrators with the information, resources and tools needed to conduct routine intimate partner violence (IPV) assessments with patients and respond effectively when IPV has been identified.

The Cook County Department of Public Health’s (CCDPH) Office of Violence Prevention Coordination is working in partnership with suburban Cook County (SCC) hospitals to make institutional systems changes to increase the capacity to identify patients impacted by IPV, also known as domestic violence (DV), and respond with appropriate resources and services.

CCDPH’s IPV Toolkit is designed to help physicians, midlevel providers, nurses and administrators improve the hospital environment to prevent future IPV with patients. The toolkit was developed based on findings from an IPV survey conducted with SCC hospitals and a literature review on IPV policies and promising practices for the healthcare setting. The survey identified existing IPV policies and practices, IPV educational materials and resources available for patients, collaborations with local IPV programs, perceptions of hospital’s strengths and challenges regarding IPV, and related staff training issues.

Click here to review the survey findings titled “Suburban Cook County Hospital Survey Analysis of Intimate Partner Violence Policies and Protocols”. Click here to view the tool used to conduct the survey titled “Suburban Cook County Domestic Violence Health Care Response Inventory Tool”