Family Planning

Family planning programs are a combination of health education, counseling, and clinical services. Services offered are meant to help individuals decide if they want to have a child, how to plan to have a child and how to make personal choices when planning to have a family.

The goals of the CCDPH Family Planning Program are to:

  • Provide comprehensive family planning services and care to low income women of child bearing age
  • Allow all women the opportunity to improve pregnancy outcomes.
  • Prevent unintended pregnancies
  • Increase the involvement of male partners
  • Reduce teenage pregnancies through education, with an emphasis on postponement of sexual activity counseling and well-managed contraception

What you should know about our services:

  • Personal information, a specific, confidential, method of contacting the clients is established at the time of entry into family planning services
  • A patient will have access to their own records and can have them copied upon written request, at any time
  • Eligibility requirements may apply.