WePLAN Process

WePLAN 2015 is the Cook County Department of Public Health’s community-based health assessment and health improvement plan. WePLAN 2015 fulfills CCDPH’s requirements for certification as a local public health department and in combination with the department’s strategic plan, provides an action agenda to improve the health of our communities. It documents a broad health assessment and planning process conducted in partnership with a fifty member Community Planning Committee in 2010.

WePLAN 2015 was built on the accomplishments of WePLAN 2010, other public health and community partner initiatives, and findings from the community health assessment process. The result was a new health improvement plan emerged that focuses on four priorities:

  • Cardiovascular disease prevention
  • Violence prevention
  • Improving the sexual health status of youth
  • Improving access to primary healthcare services

WePLAN 2015 is rich in useful suburban Cook County public health data and presents a picture of the current health status of the region, including:

  • Community Health Status Assessment – an extensive and descriptive examination of disease morbidity and mortality with demographic, socioeconomic and behavioral factors
  • Local Public Health System Performance Assessment – documentation of the current status of the public health system in our jurisdiction
  • Community Themes and Strengths Assessment – provides community members’ perceptions of leading health issues and community needs
  • Forces of Change Assessment - key forces that may impact the region’s health now and in the next five years

WePLAN 2015 proposes a new agenda for improving the health of suburban Cook County residents that emphasizes the underlying principles of equity, prevention and collaboration. New items include:

  • Employing broad strategies to address the health priorities including health promotion and health education to make healthy choices the norm, advocacy and constituency building to increase resources, better coordination of services to increase access and assuring healthy policies that make all communities livable communities.
  • Identifying ways to increase coordination throughout the entire county including Cook County Health and Hospital Systems and other public health jurisdictions within Cook County;
  • Emphasizing health disparities and addressing the social determinants affecting health among residents of different races, ethnicities and income levels; and
  • Developing actionable strategies for improving health that the public health system can accomplish together.

WePLAN 2015 is a community driven process and welcomes participation from interested residents and providers. The health department alone cannot make the changes called for in this ambitious plan and calls on individuals, families, health care providers, community & faith organizations, media, government agencies and businesses to be part of the WePLAN 2015 vision.

To find out how you can become involved, send an e-mail or call jbloyd@cookcountyhhs.org at 708-633-8314 or vwebb@cookcountyhhs.org at 708-633-8313.