Maywood Melrose Park District 89

  • School Wellness Council Training

Model Communities Grantee

Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview School District 89

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Grantee Summary

Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview School District (SD) 89 is located in west suburban Cook County. SD 89 has 10 kindergarden-8th grade elementary schools that serve 5,544 students from three separate communities. The diversity of the district’s attendance area, which includes Maywood, Melrose Park, and Broadview, is reflected in its student body as nearly 40% are African American and 57% are Hispanic. The mission of SD 89 is to ensure the well being of our students academically, emotionally and socially. It is our responsibility to provide an environment that fosters student growth in each of these areas, set high standards for learning, and results in high levels of academic achievement.

Policy, System and Environmental (PSE) Changes

SD 89 is utilizing the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program (HSP) Framework for all of the policy changes they are working to implement with their Model Communities award. These include the following PSEs:

  • Implementation of a “lunch-line redesign” to encourage healthy choices among students and improve the school food environment;
  • Adoption of a joint use agreement between the Veterans Park District and the Melrose Park Schools to increase participation in quality physical activity within the classroom and within their after school programs; and
  • Development and adoption of action plans and active wellness councils to improve the health needs of their school-based community.

Highlights and Successes

  • Building upon SD 89’s previous safety councils, all ten schools have formed Wellness Councils and are currently creating building-level action plans; it is the hope that these plans can inform District level policy in the future.
  • Resources, such as Brain Boosters, to increase student physical activity have been created and distributed to SD 89 classroom teachers. Teachers have begun implementing daily physical activity breaks into the classroom schedule.

Sustainability of PSE changes

  • The incorporation of physical activity breaks in the classroom is a procedural change. All teachers have been trained in various methods to increase physical activity throughout the school day, and many schools implemented this change in the 2011-2012 school year.
  • The Safety and Wellness Councils are required by the district to exist in each school, therefore the incorporation of the School Wellness Councils into this existing body will allow the work of the Wellness Councils to continue beyond the Model Communities project period with built in staff time (by school administrators) and little or no funding.

Contact Information

Maywood/Melrose Park/Broadview District 89
906 Walton St., Melrose Park, IL 60160
Contact: Cynthia Hogan
Phone: 708-450-2056
Technical Assistance Partner: Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Active Transportation Alliance