Model Communities Grantee

Arlington Heights School District 25

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Grantee Summary

Arlington Heights School District (SD) 25 is located in north suburban Cook County. SD 25 is comprised of 9 schools that serve 5,117 students. The district’s attendance area is from the city of Arlington Heights. SD 25’s mission is to provide a superior education for a lifetime of learning.

Policy, System and Environmental (PSE) Changes

SD 25 is utilizing the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program (HSP) Framework for all of the policy changes they are working to implement with their Model Communities award. These include the following PSEs:

  • Adoption of district wide nutritional standards for competitive foods sold to students during the school day that includes increased availability of fresh fruits and vegetables inside and outside the classroom;
  • Adoption of policies or procedures that integrate after school programs supporting PA opportunities for students; and
  • Adoption of a worksite wellness policy that supports in-school physical activity and utilization of a fitness center among students and staff.

Highlights and Successes

  • The fresh fruits and vegetables initiative has increased classroom distribution to 550 servings a day, providing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to students throughout the district.
  • The pilot after school program, which was completed in Spring 2011, has seen participation rates increase, prompting interest to expand the program to other schools in the district for the 2011-2012 school year.
  • The fitness center was completed in Fall 2011 and is being utilized by staff and students. A fitness center was also opened for staff at the district office. All staff and students have signed waivers to utilize the fitness center.

Sustainability of PSE changes

  • SD 25 will utilize internal funding and resources to continue the fruits and vegetables initiative after the Model Communities project period for students participating in the free and reduced lunch program. The initiative will also continue for all other students at a subsidized rate of $.40 per day.
  • The after-school physical activity programs will be expanded and will continue at other district schools through the distribution of building-level stipends, which were included in the district’s budget for the 2012-2013 school year. This will ensure there is staff to continue to provide supervision for the fitness center participants.

Contact Information

Arlington Heights School District 25
1200 S. Dunton Ave., Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Contact: Coletta Hines-Newell
Phone: 847-758-4904
Technical Assistance Partner: Alliance for a Healthier Generation