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Aiming to make suburban Cook County healthier one spot at a time

                                          through Partnerships for Healthy Living. 

There is a direct connection between our health and the places we live, work, learn and play. The Cook County Department of Public Health and their partners are working together to make all of suburban Cook County a Healthy HotSpot - a place where healthy living is the easy way to live. 

Efforts to create Healthy HotSpots are already underway in suburban Cook County through programs such as Model Communities, and the Healthy HotSpot Corner Store project. Through the Healthy HotSpot partnerships, we plan to continue celebrating Healthy HotSpots in suburban Cook County. 

Healthy HotSpot Partnerships for Healthy Living

Partnerships for Healthy Eating and Active Living

Model Communities

The Cook County Department of Public Health and its partner, the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago, awarded $4 million* in Model Communities grant funds to 38 local governments, community organizations and school districts throughout suburban Cook County. The 2010 Model Communities grant program in focused on changing policy and the environment to help make the healthy choice the easier choice for individuals and families in suburban Cook County. This grant program worked to transform communities and school environments to support healthy eating and active living creating Healthy HotSpots around suburban Cook County.

Using proven strategies and best practicies, grant recipients focused on creating environments where making the healthy choice is the easier choice. Please visit the Model Communities page for more information. 

Corner Store Project

As part of the CPPW initiative in 2010, 20 small, local corner stores within 8 communities across suburban Cook County were recruited into the Healthy HotSpot Corner Store Project pilot program. With support from community-based organizations and municipalities, this project is designed to help each corner store owner offer a variety of new healthy food products. By offering foods such as whole grains, low-fat dairy products, low-fat proteins like fish or beans, and fruits and vegetables, these stores are making it easier for local residents to access healthy food items.  See our healthy product menu of options for more information.

These are the first generation of Healthy HotSpot Corner Stores, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow by taking simple steps to provide customers with healthier options.

Create Your Own Corner Store

We encourages organizations to create their own healthy corner store projects. Here are some tip sheets to help your organization provide technical assistance to local corner store owners.

Partnerships for Tobacco-Free Living

The Healthy HotSpot, Partnerships for Tobacco-free Living collaboratively raises awareness of current tobacco-related trends, promotes cessation and secondhand smoke messaging. Moreover, the partnerships work to build the capacity of communities to provide cessation services and engage youth in a way that encourages them to stay tobacco-free, and provides technical support to organizations in the adoption and implementation of tobacco-free policies that reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

CCDPH receives funding from the Illinois Department of Public Health to mobilize communities across suburban Cook County and establish tobacco-related policies supporting long-term, social norms change. Overarching goals are to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use among youth and adults; exposure to secondhand smoke and tobacco-related disparities in suburban Cook County.

Partners include the American Lung Association of Greater Chicago, Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice and Respiratory Health Association.