Convenience Stores-How Big Tobacco Targets Youth Webinar

Date: May 24, 2012
Time: 10:00 am-11:00 am


Guest Presenters:

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Meg Riordan, Director, Policy Research

Ann Boonn, Research Manager


This webinar focuses on the report, Deadly Alliance: How Big Tobacco and Convenience Stores Partner to Market Tobacco Products and Fight Life-Saving Policies.  As other forms of tobacco marketing have been restricted, tobacco companies now spend more than 90 percent of their marketing budget — nearly $10 billion a year — to advertise and promote tobacco products in the retail environment.  Tobacco companies pay stores billions to ensure that cigarettes and other tobacco products are advertised heavily, displayed prominently and priced cheaply to appeal to both kids and current tobacco users.  In this webinar, participants will learn about how the tobacco industry utilizes convenience stores to maximize youth exposure and to prevent passage of tobacco policies.


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Hosted By:

The Illinois Coalition Against Tobacco and the Cook County Department of Public Health's Tobacco Prevention and Control Unit

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