Retail Food Establishment Applications for Unincorporated Cook County

To ensure the safety of food for consumption in suburban Cook County, CCDPH inspects retail food establishments, issues licenses and permits for unincorporated areas, responds to complaints, investigates foodborne illnesses and registers Cottage Food vendors.

Below is a list of licensing applications and corresponding fee schedule for retail food service programs in unincorporated Cook County. Click on the program to download the application. Please mail completed applications and applicable payment to the address listed on the application.

Make checks or money orders payable to Cook County Department of Public Health. NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED.

To apply for a food establishment license or permit in all other areas in Cook County, please contact your local health official.

Retail Food Establishment-Unincorporated Cook County

Annual License Fee (Includes Inspection Costs)
Submit Retail Food Establishment License Application and appropriate fee based on seating information listed below.

Where seating is provided:

1 – 25 seats 150.00
26-100 seats 300.00
101-200 seats 450.00
Over 200 seats 600.00

Where seating is not provided (gross area):

Up to 300 SF 75.00
301 SF to 600 SF 125.00
601 SF to 1,000 SF 200.00
1,001 SF to 1,500 SF 225.00
1,501 SF to 3,000 SF 300.00
3,001 SF to 6,000 SF 375.00
6,001 SF to 10,000 SF 450.00
10,001 SF to 20,000 SF 525.00
Over 20,000 SF 600.00

Submit Retail Food Establishment License Application with appropriate fee for the following:

Mobile Food Unit 125.00
Tavern (Beverages Only) 150.00
Packaged Liquor Store 125.00
Day Care Center Food License 75.00
Submit appropriate fee, with plans, for the following:
Day Care Center Food Plan Review 300.00
Food Establishment Plan Review 300.00
Temporary Retail Food Establishment (Daily Fee) 25.00
Cottage Food Vendor Application No Fee
Cottage Food Law (Amended 1/1/18)