Mandatory Dental Exams

The State of Illinois has mandated children in Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grades to have a dental exam.

New adult back teeth often come in during 2nd and 6th grade. These teeth are at risk for tooth decay. However, using space-age technology, oral health professionals can now prevent the most common type of decay from infecting these important teeth by applying dental sealants.

Dental sealants are special coatings painted onto the bumps and grooves of the chewing surfaces of back teeth, blocking food and germs from causing decay. Dental sealants are safe, effective, pain-free and much cheaper than fillings. Children should get both a dental exam and sealants, when appropriate. Be sure to schedule this important preventive medical service now when you have more time.

An estimated 51 million school hours per year are lost because of dental-related illness. Poor oral health ahs been related to decreased school performance, poor social relationships, and less success later in life. Children experiencing pain are distracted and unable to concentrate on schoolwork.

Children should enter school free from dental problems. Kindergarten is a great time for children to get exams and a clean bill of health. If the dentist finds tooth decay or other problems, take care of it right away. Don’t delay in treating decay. Start the school year right. Call your dental office today.