Nutrition Tips

Eating In:

  • Plan meals for every weeknight- this will help put together a grocery list, and take the guesswork out of find a meal to put together.
  • Prep food with your children the night before to make meal time quick and easy.
  • Make a few extra batches of your families favorite home-cooked meals and place the left-over in a freezer safe storage container to have for a later date.
  • When you know you’ll have a day of running around bring a cooler with snacks like water, grilled chicken, sliced fruit, cheese cubes and crackers to hold your children over until you make it home.

Eating Out:

  • Drink water with your meal instead of soda.
  • Have lean meats that are grilled, baked or broiled instead of deep-fried, pan-fried or breaded.
  • Order items with more vegetables.
  • Limit cheese, mayo, and special sauce. Try adding low-fat dressing or mustard instead of these.
  • Order single-patty burgers instead of double-patty burgers.