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A chronic disease is any serious condition that lasts longer than three months. Chronic diseases typically can be treated, but not cured. They can be hereditary or the result of poor diet, little exercise and/or smoking and excessive alcohol use.

Chronic diseases are so common today that almost 50% of Americans have at least one. Some of the most common are: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Lung Disease.

There is good news, though – chronic disease is preventable. In fact, by examining your options for eating better and being more active and making little changes, you can help your whole family stay healthy. Consider these four areas of your life:

  • Nutrition
    Is healthy food available to you? Do you eat it?
  • Activity
    What exercise options are available in your community? Do you use them?
  • Tobacco Use
    Do you smoke?
  • Drinking
    How frequently do you drink alcohol?